Unforgettable is to take a drink on the Piazzetta, the coffee bars invite for a chat and relax while you can fresh fish and other specialties of Mediterranean cuisine in the various rustic and cozy restaurants that are reflected in the sea enjoy.

For shopping entice exclusive boutiques with all the major designer brands, exclusive jewelers, art galleries, an antique shop and typical ceramic studios.

Also culinary hot sand is to use: unique in the world is the “pollo alla fumarola” (chicken cooked in foil) that is buried for cooking in the hot sand of the fumarole Beach. This can pre-order with a large terrace and sea view at “Ristorante Emanuela”, right on the beach and watch in the A and excavation in the hot sand. Highly recommended is the Pizzeria “da Pasquale” tasty pizza located directly over a wood fire and Ristorante “Lo Scoglio”, elegant place for delicious seafood, also with sea views on the coastal road.

A further specialty is coniglio (rabbit). to appreciate the simple things such as bruschetta, tomato bread, fresh mozzarella and a good plate of spaghetti. Typical specialties or fresh fish, fruit and vegetables can be found on various markets. In addition, clothing and jewelry.

Typical specialties or fresh fish as well as fruits and vegetables can be found in various markets. Also clothes and jewelry.